Käufer / Architekt

„My wife and I came to DRE Immobilien by chance, as they managed a property that we were interested in. Without expecting it, we discovered highly qualified professionals (too much), with an extreme degree of dedication to the customer, who far exceed in their performance what we are currently all used to in any common business relationship.

But if that “were not enough”, it is also that Mr. Steinbach and Mr. Goyke are people of extreme sensitivity, empathy and personal quality. Special human-beings, of which they are so difficult to find nowadays. They helped us a lot in quite complex moments of the process. Thanks to them we were able to formalize the purchase.

So much so, that after purchasing the property, without any hesitation my wife and I have now decided that they continue to accompany us in the following steps. Of course, we assign them top rating, 5 stars out of 5, although we would like to give them 10 stars. I think it is not necessary to say anything more. If you are looking for a highly reliable, professional and sensitive real estate agent, you have undoubtedly arrived to the right place.

Thank you very much DRE Immobilien for everything.
Sincerely, Family Rivas-España”

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